My dear friend, Naomi Hansen and I. 

Wow, that was quite the break. First of all, yeah me! I did it! I participated in my first half marathon on Jun. 27, 2009. Although I wasn’t aiming for a specific time, I completed the 13.1 mile course in 2:20:15. That’s not too bad for a novice. And then I took a break…a long break. Although I haven’t been sedentary in the nearly 2 months since the race, I have been doing much training. I generally get in a run or two each week but they have all been under an hour. In the meantime, I’ve been swimming, taking tennis lessons, doing yoga, and getting in the occasional run. A friend convinced me to sign up for a marathon in early December and so I guess I’d better get to it. If you haven’t had a chance check out the Run Well tool from the NY Times. It will help you plan a training regime and track your progress. I highly recommend it. I played around with it last night and decided to continue with the Jeff Galloway training program. My goal is simply to complete a full marathon without any injuries and while putting as little strain as possible on my knees. Following this logic, I’ve got to run 11 miles for my long run tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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