Changes, lots of changes; a new City, Boston to be exact, and a fresh start. After a long search I finally found a great livable apartment in Boston that is dog friendly. When I began the search, I was a bit naive. After living in Seattle, where you can find a great 2 bedroom for $1200, I moved to a city where a decent one bedroom with some sort of parking is at least $1600.
Granted I am a little picky, I cook. It is a huge source of pleasure for me and I required a kitchen with a bit of counter space, not palatial by any means- but room for a cutting board and a dish rack seems like a reasonable request. I also wanted a bit of charm. So I found a “garden level” one bedroom in the South End. And so far I like it. I’m not completely sold on Boston but the South End is fitting for me. There are great restaurants, by Boston standards, it is very dog friendly, diverse, and people are kind and outgoing. So I think I’ll settle in for a bit.

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