It took me a long time to find my apartment. Throughout the search I told myself that as soon as I had my own place again and started focusing on my life things would look up, and they did at first. I moved in, handled the move with panache, hosted Christmas Eve, studied for and took the GRE’s and then I hit a snag, everyday I kept thinking I would wake with motivation and verve but it didn’t happen. I suffered through a winter with insomnia and slept in much later than is acceptable. My diet suffered, my exercise was infrequent, and forget about ma

king headway with my career. So I threw the book at it… acupuncture treatments, a new gym membership,  pilates classes, an excellent therapist, the goal to train and complete my first triathlon, and a training group to get me there. Things still aren’t exactly where I want them, but I am slowly and steadily working towards my goal.

Each week I look forward to Wednesdays because that is the day that Rob Brezney’s Free Will Astrology comes out. The last line of my horoscope was particularly noteworthy this week, “Carpe the freaking diem.” Indeed, indeed… Guess I’d better get down to it.

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