The other day a friend showed interest in reading this blog. She is good friend, I’ve known her for at least ten years- we even lived together in Seattle during our early 20’s (yes Courtney- that’s you). However, I still got embarrassed and self critical over the sloppy writing, lazy formatting, and less than stellar smart phone photos on The Wasabi Update. My first instinct was to spend hours revamping everything until I was happy putting it out there, but hey, I’m busy. This is supposed to be a space to practice writing and learning the medium. And if anyone ever actually wants to take their time and read your blog- Let Them!  So I didn’t touch a thing, I just sent her the link. It helped that I read this quote by Ira Glass earlier that evening. I might frame it and put it over my desk. If you are ever feeling inadequate or self conscious about something you created or are working on, it is worth a glance.
P.S. If you don’t know who Ira Glass is, we most likely have absolutely nothing in common. 

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  1. Love it. I'm not bold enough to write a blog! I like to read other people's, though. We've known eachother over ten years now. This July will be 11. Yikes. And I LOVE Ira Glass.

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