Mitt Romney Let me preface this by saying that I’m a pretty hard core Democrat, always have been. There really wasn’t much of a chance of me supporting Romney to begin with, recent gaffs and fumbles aside. His insulting the British over the handeling of the Olympics, insinuating 47% of the public is lazy and reliant on welfare, and complete botching of a statement concerning the crisis in Libya and Egypt just further serves to reinforce my firm belief that he is the just the wrong man for the job. But what really gets under my skin is just how damn unlikeable the guy is.

I never really understood all of the talk about likability in politics;  John Kerry seemed fine to me- not the most exciting candidate but preferable to George W. Bush by a long shot…this did not prove to be the sentiment of the majority of my country and we lost the 2004 presidential election.

But in 2012 I’m finally feel like I get it; I can’t stand Mitt Romney! He seems like an inconsiderate, pompous, jerk. It is the little things that bug me about Romney: the way was dismissive of  his wife Anne’s Olympic dressage horse and smugly stated that he would not be watching the Olympic dressage competition, the car elevator being built in one of his houses- which seems idiotic and wasteful, the decades old tale of him strapping his dog’s carrier to the top of the family car and, last but not least-the ridiculous singing of “Who let the dogs out” to a group of African American teenagers bother me almost as much as his vague policies and braggadocio about his superior understanding of the economy  and job creation.

Apparently, for once- I’m not alone. A recent ABC news poll ranks Obamas likability at 60% and Romney’s at 27%. Let’s hope that the conventional wisdom holds because this one seems like a dog to me.

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