I actually like the live version of this song even better although both versions are great. Mental note- go see Sia live at some point in the not too distant future.

I first became aware of Sia’s brilliance during the final Episode of “Six Feet Under” (a.k.a. the greatest T.V. show ever). “Breathe Me” is the song playing as Claire drives off to the East Coast in her Prius and the montage plays of all the characters passing. It was one of the most appropriate and moving song choices I’ve ever seen used in cinema. And lucky for us, someone has posted it on You Tube, though please don’t watch this video if you haven’t watched every season of Six Feet Under yet and please consider rectifying that A.S.A.P.

If you aren’t familiar with her work, We are Born is an excellent place to start. It’s a bit poppier than her usual fare, which I think is a nice change of pace.

Sia’s latest album, “We Are Born”.

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