I use the Internet nearly every waking hour of the day. Upon waking, I check the weather, my horoscope, and the day’s headlines from the New York Times app all on my iPhone. While drinking coffee I practice Spanish with an app called Duolingo. After dressing, I login to work on my laptop, check emails, and commence performing research much of which is shared through the Internet or the company’s Intranet. At some point, I’ll login to my gym’s website, or a local yoga studio, or Flywheel to schedule my workout for the evening. Coming home, I’ll usually cook a meal. I enjoy trying new ingredients and frequently research cooking options on the Internet from various blogs and recipe websites. If I decide to watch something that evening I usually stream it through the Apple TV or Netflix. I canceled my Cable long ago. Sometimes, I’ll spend the evening texting friends, researching job opportunities, or checking dating sites. The Internet is involved in nearly every aspect of my day.

My Father came to visit last week from San Francisco. He sent me his flight information over a text. Used the Internet to book both his flight and a car, and mapped out his upcoming visit to Vermont all using the Internet. He spent a lot of time surfing the Web with his Kindle fire and picked a movie for us to see that night after reading reviews and viewing trailers online. My Father is retired so much of his time online is recreational although he does spend a significant amount of time reviewing investments. All, in all, I would say that we both spend equally as much time online. Frankly, neither of us would be able to function very well without the Web.

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