The first blog was introduced in 1994 by Swarthmore student, Justin Hall. Blogs really began taking off  in 1999, when Blogger offered a free blogging platform to the public. In 2003, Google, a company that rose to prominence by identifying and capitalizing on important Internet trends buys Blogger. Blogging began to really hit its stride in the late 1990’s due in part to the numerous blogging platforms available to users. These platforms are simple to use and opened access to the Web for people without technical expertise or coding knowledge. Most blog’s content focuses on a niche subject area such as food, politics, entertainment, sports, or the goings on in a person’s life. Some have gotten very advanced and many bloggers are able to make a living blogging with endorsements from interested companies hoping to attract new customers and ad revenue from online ads. Here is an example of a well executed professional blog, Coco and Kelly. As you can see, the writer, Cassandra Levalle not only shares things that she finds beautiful and inspiring, but also creates high quality content of her own. NY Magazine created this interesting timeline on the history of blogging.

Blogging has had a profound impact on my own Internet activities. My own blog, The Wasabi Update, is a chronicle of major life changes,  achievements and personal goals. I also include recipes that I share easily with friends and family, many of whom reside on the West Coast.

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