It is increasingly difficult to find examples of bad web design, design tools have improved significantly and there is an abundance of talented web designers a company can hire. There are a plethora of ineffective web sites though. Often these sites don’t take into account the user’s intention for visiting the site and facilitating in the easiest way possible for them to perform the tasks that they are there to do. One example of this that received a lot of press is the Although many of the bugs have been fixed, many people did not want to login and create a profile when they were simply perusing the site for informational purposes. I have found that asking people for too much information, too early is a mistake. Navigation issues were also widely reported. In addition, the site was not able to handle the number of visitors, thus pushing back the enrollment date for the health insurance program. Designers and Developers should have anticipated these concerns.

Another example of ineffective web design is The Vanessa Noel Hotel in Nantucket, while I love the hotel, this site is slow to load and when one clicks on the link for information about room options- they only include a picture of one room. All the rooms at the hotel are quite different looking, and this could cause problems with dissatisfied customers. While the press page is a nice idea, it is also slow to load and the articles are not sized properly so that they can be read on the web. That said, the layout is nice, and there is a great use of white space. I also enjoyed the font styling.

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