Patagonia sells high end men, women, and children’s outdoor gear for all seasons. Because it is performance gear, Patagonia has a vested interest in sharing the stories of the men and women who use their gear. They accomplish this quite well with their online blog, The Cleanest Line, which describes itself as a:

Weblog for the employees, friends and customers of the outdoor clothing company Patagonia. Visit to see what we do.

The topics are as diverse as the company’s product selection. Some posts highlight specific sports such as rock climbing, awe inspiring geographical locations, environmental causes and pursuits, and gifted athletes, and this is just the beginning. Each post can be shared on Twitter and Facebook. The Twitter shares are somewhat low, but the Facebook shares number in the low to high hundreds. This is quite a feat, when you look at a lot of company’s blogs, the content is not regularly updated, or it was for a while and then comes to a sudden stop, as though the employee responsible for the blog has left the company to pursue other opportunities. Creating fresh and relevant content is a challenging task, but consistency pays off. By loosing the controls of their blog, and allowing customers to post, Patagonia has created a great blog, with diverse voices and content. Other companies would do well to follow their lead, after all, 634 Facebook shares can be a pretty powerful marketing tool.

Patagonia’s website is just as eclectic and inspiring as their blog. It contains gorgeous photos of awe inspiring locations and features athletes and their accomplishments; many are quite remarkable. All of these stories do feature the Patagonia’s products but quite subtly. The company is highlighting what can be accomplished with their gear but is providing inspiration and exciting content first and foremost.

Patagonia also employs search marketing techniques. All of my searches for outdoor gear or athletic equipment included the company within the top search results. All  and all, this points to a company with a clear and concise marketing strategy. While creating great content can be time consuming it can help position you as an aspirational and trusted brand and build fierce brand loyalty in customers, though I doubt I need to tell the folks over at Patagonia this.


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