Cookbook Review- Maine Lake House Edition

My partner and I went to Maine with his extended family in tow. I always prefer to under pack as opposed to overpack. If I have an excess of things, it makes me anxious. So I decided to bring exactly one cookbook. This is easier said than done, I have an extensive cookbook collection. What […]

Mini Mushroom and Spinach Quiches

  Ingredients: 10 oz. Portabella Mushrooms chopped 1 Shallot chopped 2 cups Baby Spinach 1/3 cup grated Sharp Cheddar Cheese 4 Eggs 4 Egg Whites 1/4 cup Milk 1 Tbs. Olive Oil Salt & Pepper 1 Popover pan Cooking spray Directions: Saute the mushrooms, shallots, salt, and pepper in olive oil in a large saute pan […]

Patagonia’s vibrant online presence

Patagonia sells high end men, women, and children’s outdoor gear for all seasons. Because it is performance gear, Patagonia has a vested interest in sharing the stories of the men and women who use their gear. They accomplish this quite well with their online blog, The Cleanest Line, which describes itself as a: Weblog for […]

DiGiorno does it again, great examples of PR online

Having an active and robust Twitter feed is a goal of many companies and DiGiorno Pizza exemplifies a company that has been able to do just that. The pizza brand has several things going for it. For one, they sell pizza. Pizza is a product often associated with fun, it is much beloved, and easily […]

Ineffective Web Design

It is increasingly difficult to find examples of bad web design, design tools have improved significantly and there is an abundance of talented web designers a company can hire. There are a plethora of ineffective web sites though. Often these sites don’t take into account the user’s intention for visiting the site and facilitating in the […]

The Diffusion of Internet Technology in Developing Countries

The diffusion of Internet Technology in Developing Countries is noticeably slower. This is due to a number of factors including: wealth, education, the infrastructure that allows broadband access, governmental priorities, and governmental policies regarding freedom of expression. One way that many people in developing countries are accessing the internet is through cell phones and smart […]

The World Wide Web vs. The Copyright

Legal and governmental change are slow, the Web moves at a frantic pace and this is the crux of our problem. U.S. copyright laws have been unable to keep pace with the Internet. U.S. copyright law does not specifically address the publication of works created online. This has led to a confusion as to whether […]

Important Event in Internet History- Blogging

The first blog was introduced in 1994 by Swarthmore student, Justin Hall. Blogs really began taking off  in 1999, when Blogger offered a free blogging platform to the public. In 2003, Google, a company that rose to prominence by identifying and capitalizing on important Internet trends buys Blogger. Blogging began to really hit its stride […]