Red Cabbage Slaw

I love to have dishes of cold vegetables in my fridge during the summer. Not only do you get to use produce in it’s most pristine state, but I find that it helps manage my cravings and lessen the likelihood of eating something regrettable when I just want to munch on something. This is a […]

Sweet Potato Burritos

Sweet Potato Burritos I’ve been making this since 2004; it is one of the greats and I make it several times a year. This recipe is time consuming but the upside is that you will have left overs for a week and it is great cold. I often bring this to work for lunch and […]

Roast Chicken- We have a winner

Last year I became a little obsessed with roasting chickens. I tried tons of recipes, learned how to take the back bone out, quarter and truss a chicken. Most of it was helpful but, ease is important to me. I love to cook, but do it with a reckless abandon- dancing and swirling around the […]